Create beautiful centerpieces with paper rosettes

Save money and effort by creating paper rosettes to create beautiful centerpieces. Rosettes (also called medallions or accordion flowers) are an excellent choice to use as an informal decoration at a party.

Materials: Colored paper sheets (you can use plain or printed cards, wrapping paper or bond paper, stapler or adhesive pencil, skewer sticks (you can also use straws or sherbet), extra decorations such as buttons, stickers or stickers, a base Or hot vase and silicone to glue.

Procedure: 1.- Begin by folding the leaves as if they were an accordion. Three sheets of paper per flower are needed. You can use letter-size or other size sheets
2.- Once the accordions are ready, fold each sheet in half
3. Attach the ends of the sheet just in the center using a stapler so that each sheet has the shape of a fan.
4.- Join the three fans to form the flower
5.- Join piece with piece with the stapler or with the adhesive pencil.
6.- Paste the decoration you have chosen (buttons stickers, stickers or just a circle of the same paper that you used) in the center using hot silicone.
7.- Attach the rosette to the wand using the silicone.
8.- Gather several and place them inside a vase.

Variants: --- Make circular cuts at the ends of the accordion to give a different touch to the flower.
--- You can also make cuts in the folds of paper or use a perforator