Decorate the Baby Chair on Your First Birthday

The first birthday of a baby is memorable, so celebrate or not with a party or meeting is important to keep a memory of that day taking a beautiful photo. For that we present some nice ideas to decorate the high chair of the baby in an original and unique way, so as not to go unnoticed on such a special day. You can decorate the chair in many ways and using various materials such as tulle, slats or strips of crepe paper. The basic principle is to measure the circumference of the table (including the back) with a band, elastic or ribbon. Once this step is ready, tie strips or tulle strips around the front. If you use strips of paper or rigid ribbon you only have to glue the front using masking tape or tape. As an extra decoration add balloons or strips of crepe paper in the background and a sign indicating that it is the first birthday. Look at the examples we have compiled for you.